Innovations & Features

We are convinced that something great can always be made even better: That’s why we are constantly searching for new fabrics, innovative processes and electrifying ideas that live up to the requirements of kids today. It’s not good enough to rest on our laurels when it comes to developing our products; instead, we’re constantly thinking, and then we test the results until we’re satisfied.

Because we very strongly believe that the less energy, time and discussion that goes into getting kids dressed and the topic of clothes, and the more kids love their jackets, fleeces, hats, beanies, etc., the more harmonious family life will feel, and the faster the kids get to spend more time playing outside. At the end of the day, that will make everyone – parents and kids – happier, more fulfilled and more relaxed.


EtaProof® fabric

EtaProof® is waterproof, absolutely windproof and provides the excellent breathability that can only come from a natural material. The fabric is made of organic cotton and is made in Switzerland. If EtaProof® comes in contact with water, the cotton fibers swell by about 10%, causing the pores to completely close. This makes the fabric so dense that it can completely withstand rain, even over a longer period - but still retain its high breathability. “On your mark, get set, go?” Not a problem, even in so-called bad weather.



PrimaLoft® Bio™ is the first-ever synthetic insulation and fabric made from 100% recycled, biodegradable* fibers.

These fibers break down when exposed to the right environments, such as oceans or landfills. They are optimized to be more attractive to the naturally-occurring microbes found in these environments – returning the insulation and fabric to natural elements – such as gases.

What’s Left? The biodegradation* process leaves behind water, methane, CO2 and biomass.

*93.8% biodegradation in 646 days under ASTM D5511 conditions (accelerated landfill environment); 74.3% biodegradation in 889 days under ASTM D6691 conditions (accelerated marine/ocean environment). The stated rate and extent of degradation do not mean that the product will continue to degrade.

Overall Connection System

Nothing ends a day in the snow faster than getting snow in the pants. With the namuk “Overall Connection System,” our ski jackets and pants can be zipped together easily, protecting kids from invading snow even on the swiftest sled rides. Even different sizes and models from different seasons can be zipped together, easy-peasy.


YKK quick free zipper

With our quick free zipper, opening a jacket is child’s play: If the zipper is closed, just pull the collar out on both sides, and the zipper will be open in a flash. “I want to do it myself!” Kids will not only want to do it, but they will really be able to. That builds confidence.

Invisible reflecting details

It can be hard to see kids at dusk and in the dark. Our virtually invisible prints reflect light, enhancing safety. And of course, they look great, too.


Hidden pacifier holder

Hunting for pacifiers has got to be one of parents’ least favorite hobbies. Now you can do it less often: Thanks to the integrated pacifier holder, your child’s binky will now be in reach all day long – and your little explorers (and you) will be a lot more relaxed.

Hidden suspenders

Outside in the snow or in the woods, overalls are great. Inside a restaurant, they’re not so great, as it suddenly gets so warm that kids need to take off the upper part of the overall. That’s where our hidden suspenders come in. There’s no more need for the tedious cycle of knotting sleeves around the hips, only to tighten them every few minutes because the knot keeps loosening. Instead, just pull the suspenders out of their integrated pocket and the overall will sit as comfortably as any pants.


Toilet zipper

Kids playing outside shouldn’t have to go just because they have to GO. That’s why we developed our integrated potty zipper. It’s made for those times when activities in the great outdoors last a while: Simply open the zipper around the hips, take care of business, close the zipper, and carry on!

YKK reflective buttons

Our reflective buttons improve visibility, and thus safety, at dusk and in the dark. And they look pretty good, too!

Tasche für Abfall

Garbage pocket

There’s always something left over, whether it’s the last bits of a snack or just a paper bag. We integrated a special garbage pocket for just these things. Once at home, the pocket can be turned inside out to empty it, then washed.

Cord to keep gear attached

To avoid that the gloves are gone after the pit stop in the ski hut on the slope, we have equipped our gloves with a soft elastane cord, which is simply worn around the wrist. That way the hands are free when the French fries finally arrive!

Cord to keep gear attached
YKK Reissverschluss

YKK zipper with woven reflective thread

This zipper has two lines made of reflective thread woven in along the complete length of the zipper. They blend in during the day but increase visibility – and safety – at dusk and in the dark.

Reflective thread

Optimal visibility at dusk and at night, on all sides: These reflective seams provide all-around protection because they’re worked into the entire jacket all over - 360° - but won’t be noticed in the daylight.

Reflektierende Fäden
Reflektierender Allover-Print

Reflective all over print

This product is completely printed with a reflective pattern, guaranteeing the best possible visibility from all sides at dusk or at night. That makes sense and looks great, too, in our opinion.

Residual materials

Just because some material is left over after production doesn’t mean it’s less valuable. That’s why for this product, we made use of the high-quality scraps – so-called “upcycling.” So we can protect the environment and help reduce mountains of waste.


Seamless lycra cuff

We use flexible Lycra material for our cuffs and fashion them with seamless thumbholes. That makes them beautifully soft and guarantees freedom of movement under gloves. That way, gloves will be worn more often, and cold hands (which lead to less time playing outside) can be avoided.

HyperDRY™ down 85/15 700 FP

There is no other material that is as lightweight, yet traps so much air, as down. And that means: warmth. For our down products, we exclusively use goose down of the highest quality. With a ratio of 85/15 (85% down and 15% feathers) and a loft, or fill power, of 700 cuin, we are far above the average of other manufacturers and achieve maximum warmth with minimal packing volume and weight. Our down is 100% RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified and coated with an invisible layer of fluorocarbon-free HyperDRY™. That keeps the down items water-repellent and dry.


Down 90/10 700 FP

For this down product, we exclusively use goose down of the highest quality. With a ratio of 90/10 (90% down and 10% feathers) and a loft, or fill power, of 700 cuin, we far surpass the average used by other manufacturers. This premium product provides maximum warmth with minimal packing volume and weight. Our down is 100% RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified. Down traps an extreme amount of air relative to its size and weight, and that means: warmth. Down is still unbeatable when it comes to its ratio of warmth to weight.

Pre-shaped hood

This hood is pre-shaped to fit kids’ heads perfectly, so there’s nothing to restrict kids’ field of vision. After all, you need good visibility to play tag or hide and seek!

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Ethisch hergestellt

Made in Europe

We are a Swiss brand with high demands for quality, and small production quantities. We produce our clothing sustainably and fairly in facilities that we know personally in Asia and Europe. We work closely with our producers and guarantee effective quality control. Naturally, we make every effort to produce as much in Europe as possible to keep transport routes short.

Waterproof to 20,000mm water gage

If you wanted to dive into a lake wearing this material, you could go pretty deep, because the membranes withstand water pressure to a depth of 20 meters. Of course, a more sensible use of this feature is in our outdoor products, because even after hours of playing in the snow or rain, no snow or rain can penetrate them. Such high technical standards aren’t always applied to kids’ clothes, though it’s precisely when playing and running around that kids shouldn’t get wet – even if the weather doesn’t play along.


Waterproof to 15,000mm water gage

These membranes withstand water pressure equivalent to a depth of 15 meters and don’t let water penetrate even after hours of playing in the rain. Such high technical standards in children’s clothing are not a given, though it’s just when digging, horsing around and running that kids be protected from getting wet. That’s why we test our material intensively, so kids can stay dry and keep playing, no matter what the weather.

Waterproof to 10,000mm water gage

These membranes withstand water pressure equivalent to a depth of 10 meters and don’t let any water penetrate – even after hours in the rain. You won’t find such high technical standards in children’s clothing in every brand. But we consider it important that kids don’t get wet when horsing around, digging and running, and can play outside longer. We (and our kids) regularly put it to the test on rainy days.


10,000 g/m2/24 h breathability

A membrane is what regulates the climate inside an item of clothing. It must keep out all water, but still actively transport sweat toward the outside. So breathability plays a big part in the comfort of the clothes: After all, no one wants to wear a plastic bag, even if it is waterproof. Our membranes provide superior performance in both respects: Thanks to their high waterproof rating, they withstand even the most adverse weather conditions, and because of their breathability, kids don’t sweat too much - even when building big igloos.

5,000 g/m2/24 h breathability

A membrane is what regulates the climate inside an item of clothing. It must prevent any water from getting through, yet still actively transport sweat toward the outside. So, the breathability has a significant influence on the comfort of the clothes: After all, no one wants to wear a plastic bag (although it is waterproof). Our membranes provide superior performance in both respects: Thanks to their high waterproof rating, they withstand even the most adverse weather conditions, and their breathability means kids don’t get too sweaty - even during igloo construction.


Durable water repellency

All of our technical materials are treated with a DWR coating (durable water repellency). It’s not only water repellent, but also dirt resistant. Many such coatings in outdoor clothing are problematic, however, because of their consequences for the environment. Fluorobarbon (PFC) especially has come under fire. We love nature and are aware of our responsibility to protect it, so we refrain from using C-8 coatings. We work as hard as we can on PFC-free alternatives so we can gradually shift the entire collection. The challenge is finding the right balance between function and ecological sustainability. We are switching over most of our technical products to a more environmentally friendly C-6 DWR, because good, lasting water-repellent function is extremely important for children’s clothing.

Most of our products already have a PFOA/PFOS-free DWR, and a part of the collection is already completely free of PFC. We are doing everything in our power to further increase this number.

Fully taped seams

This product features fully taped seams, providing optimal protection from water, because the seams are usually the first point where water penetrates the inner material. So kids stay dry, whether it rains or snows or there’s just a little accident with a juice box.

Vollständig verschweisste Nähte
Verschweisste kritische Nähte

Critically taped seams

All the critical seams in this product are welded, because the seams are often the first point where moisture penetrates the inner fabric. That means the offspring stay dry in rain, snow, or even when there’s a little oops! with a Thermos.

YKK zippers

We only use zippers made by market leader YKK. That lets us guarantee the best quality and optimal performance. And it’s easy-peasy to open the zipper, even in frosty temperatures.

YKK Reissverschlüsse
PrimaLoft® Eco Isolation

PrimaLoft® Eco insulation

The vegan inuslation material PrimaLoft® Eco is light as a feather, water repellent, keeps kids warm – and is environmentally friendly, too! It’s made of a mixture of recycled materials and PrimaLoft® virgin fibers, which combine to create a breathable, extremely efficient layer of thermal insulation. Depending on the product, the proportion of recycled material is between 60% and 100%. And because the material is so amazingly soft, it guarantees an all-around snuggly feeling – almost like a favorite Teddy bear.

Standard insulation

Our insulated lining ensures fluffy warmth, even in icy winter weather. So there’s no reason to stay home!

Standard Isolation


Our anatomically pre-shaped products help maintain as much freedom of movement as possible, even when children have to be packed up nice and warm.

Chin guard

We not only build in zipper protection on the outside, but also the inside. Little chins getting rubbed raw are now finally a thing of the past.



This product is reversible and can be worn on both sides. That way, stains can be made to disappear quickly. And kids get one jacket with two different looks to choose from – whichever their hearts desire.


Climate control system

A bit of quick ventilation if it happens to get a bit hot now and then? Not a problem: We integrated a ventilation system into this product.

Adjustable waistband

The waistband can be adjusted in height and width for the ideal fit for your child - whether you need to adjust for a growth spurt or just a hearty lunch.

Verstellbarer Bund

Invisible, reinforced bottom hem

The bottom hems of the legs are reinforced invisibly with tear-proof Cordura material. That makes them robust yet comfortable to wear.

PFC-free, durable, water-repellent DWR coat

Many water-resistant coatings on outdoor clothing, especially fluorocarbon (PFC), are problematic because of their harmful effects on the environment. We love nature and are aware of our responsibility to it, which is why we do not use such coatings on our products.


Stretch fabric

Kids love to move – and our products move with them! The use of stretch materials guarantees maximum freedom of movement.

Easy entry

No more thumbs that won’t go into thumbhole, no more whining kids who don't want to put on gloves. With our new innovation, putting on gloves is child's play. The magnets which are worked in on the back of the glove, enable to open the glove without any effort and thus simplify the process of putting them on. A small button on the gloves’ end ensures that it stays on even when romping around.

easy entry
Anti-Slip coating

Anti-slip coating

We have developed an anti-slip coating for extra grip. This prevents shovels from slipping out of little hands, even when building the largest jump. The anti-slip coating consists of a silicone print placed on the palm of the glove.