Teri Merino pocket longsleeve "Turnaround"

USD 69.00
  • Merino wool
  • Moisture management

Merino goes street <br /><br />namuk likes to turn things on their heads, and this time we’ve turned an undershirt into an overshirt: We’ve upgraded our beloved Merino undershirts to long-sleeved streetwear shirts! <br /><br />They’re just as comfortable, never stinky, warming or cooling as the weather requires and, of course, they’re produced sustainably. And now they come in a wider cut, with new colors and even a version with stripes that will make the kids want to play your old Nirvana records.

Sunset Rose
Other colors
  • Stretch fabric

    Kids love to move – and our products move with them! The use of stretch materials guarantees maximum freedom of movement

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