Scrab bike shorts

USD 89.00
  • Adjustable waistband
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Reflective details
  • Stretch fabric
We designed these shorts as the perfect legwear for cyclists: Above the bum, we’ve built in a super-stretchy section, and the waistband is adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit on the seat. On the side, there are pockets for tools and a hook for a house key, and reflective details ensure visibility even in the dark. Two little loops inside the waistband attach to our Ash padded underwear. And of course, with 50% cotton, these shorts are utterly comfortable. That was actually the idea. But the outcome is a pair of shorts that is so great in every way that kids want to wear them everywhere and everywhere. We can hardly call that a fail, can we?
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  • Adjustable waistband

    The waistband can be adjusted in height and width for the ideal fit for your child - whether you need to adjust for a growth spurt or just a hearty lunch.

  • Hidden pacifier and key holder

    Hunting for pacifiers has got to be one of parents’ least favorite hobbies. Now you can do it less often: Thanks to the integrated pacifier holder, your child’s binky will now be in reach all day long – and your little explorers (and you) will be a lot more relaxed.

  • Reflective details

    It can be hard to see kids at dusk and in the dark. Different parts of our clothing and hardware reflect light, and therefore enhance safety. And of course, they look great, too.

  • Stretch fabric

    Kids love to move – and our products move with them! The use of stretch materials guarantees maximum freedom of movement

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