Litin overall connector

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  • Overall Connection System

We’re all over the overall<br><br> We at namuk made it a goal from the start to reduce the slaughter of material used for children’s clothing: We strive to create a minimum number of pieces that complement each other perfectly to meet every need – which is why the new Litin Overall Connector is a kind of holy grail for us (*angels singing*). <br><br>After all, Litin lets us connect our Chip rain jackets (starting with the 2021 generation) with all snow and rain pants. This creates an absolutely weather-proof overall for all elements and every event: <br>For walks in the woods with school when it’s wet and chilly but not cold enough for snow pants? For the “I’m hoooot” child who sits in the snow for hours building igloos? Ski pants plus Litin plus rain jacket over a fleece jacket (*angels singing*)! We don’t want to go overboard singing our praises, but life really is heavenly when Litin makes it this easy to get kids into the right gear.

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    We only use zippers made by market leader YKK. That lets us guarantee the best quality and optimal performance. And it’s easy-peasy to open the zipper, even in frosty temperatures.

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