namuk, that’s us

namuk comes from Switzerland. We develop our innovative products surrounded by high mountains and deep forests, with glittering lakes at our door. We are an experienced team of creative designers, product developers and material experts that has been designing and developing technical and functional clothing for more than 20 years with great passion.

A decade ago, we became parents ourselves of little maurauders, bruisers and wild things who love to play in the fresh air, and we suddenly found a great need for good functional clothes for kids. Only we didn’t find anything in stores to fit the bill.

That’s why we quickly decided to found namuk, outdoor clothing for kids, to make exactly the clothes that we wanted for our children: durable, well thought-out and, most importantly, child-friendly outdoor clothes that are both sensible and fun… and go along with all kinds of mischief.

namuk knows what kids want

namuk knows what kids want

As a brand exclusively for kids, we focus 100% on children between 2 and 12 years old. All our products are made to meet children’s needs. They’re tested by kids and continually improved based on kids’ feedback.

namuk knows there’s no such thing as bad weather

We believe that when children get out into nature, they feel free and content and can develop without a lot of ‘no, you may not’ and ‘you must.’ We supply the clothes to spend many carefree hours outside, playing and getting into all kinds of capers. In every season, every type of weather.

namuk blazes new trails

We aspire to be trailblazers and use innovative materials and technology that have never been used before in kids’ clothing. We take ‘that won’t work’ and ‘no one has ever done that’ as a sporting challenge.

namuk lasts

Our products are made from robust materials and high-quality craftmanship. They offer versatile use and can thus be worn and passed on by multiple children. Over 70% of our collection is made from recycled materials.

namuk won’t stop thinking about tomorrow

We are conscious of our responsibility to society and produce our clothes with as little impact on nature as possible. We strive to leave our kids with an environment that’s as much intact as the one we had the privilege to experience.

namuk believes in karma

Treat others as you would like to be treated. For us, it goes without saying that the producers of our clothes must be partners on equal footing with us. We produce as sustainably, socially and fairly as possible and are acutely aware of our responsibility as a company (and thus as people).

We have worked with our outerwear producers in Asia for more than 17 years and visit each site several times per year. We intentionally schedule a part of our annual production in the off season so employees have work all year long.

Our working relationship with our streetwear producers in Portugal goes back over 8 years. The facility is certified as STeP Level 3 and in the second generation of family leadership. Here, too, we make frequent visits.

namuk is there for you

Long after the sale, we are there for our customers to help and advise them, whether it’s with questions about product care or little repairs. Personal contact is very important for us, which is why we are always available during business hours at +41 44 558 37 38 or via Email.

namuk believes in karma
namuk gets involved

namuk gets involved


We support Hannes Schmid in his efforts to get a sustainable aid project in Cambodia on its feet. namuk produces, designs and sponsors the uniforms for the school, which was founded in 2017. In addition, we support Smiling Gecko in the setup of “SUSTAINABLE GARMENT EDUCATION & PRODUCTION”


We know that not all children have it so good and many don’t have the possibility to go on a vacation. That’s why we donate a portion of our profits every year to the ZEWO-certified child relief organization KOVIVE: “Vacation for children in need.” The Swiss children’s aid organization Kovive helps where no one else will: with vacations and recreation for the least advantaged in our society.

for Sprungbrett/Palettino

We engage unemployed people to produce parts of our installations for pop-up shops and our showrooms in Zurich.

for Carelvetia

We send samples, products with small defects and product remainders to a children’s home in Romania.