We are an experienced team of creative designers, product developers and material experts that has been designing and developing technical and functional clothing for more than 20 years with great passion. A decade ago, we became parents ourselves of little maurauders, bruisers and wild things who love to play in the fresh air, and we suddenly found a great need for good functional clothes for kids. Only we didn’t find anything in stores to fit the bill. That’s why we quickly decided to found namuk, the first Swiss outdoor kids label, to make exactly the clothes that we wanted for our children: durable, well thought-out and, most importantly, child-friendly outdoor clothes that are both sensible and fun… and go along with all kinds of mischief. As a brand exclusively for kids, we focus 100% on children between 2 and 12 years old. All our products are made to meet children’s needs. They’re tested by kids and continually improved based on kids’ feedback.



Our offices are in Switzerland, in the heart of the Alps: surrounded by high mountains and dense forests, and with shimmering lakes on our doorstep. The perfect outdoor playground, with endless single trails and climbing areas in summer, and with wonderful ski slopes and snow-covered mountains in winter. Our innovative namuk products are produced in this inspiring environment. We are a team of creative designers, product developers perfectionist and innovative materials experts, and know exactly what it takes to produce perfect products.



We are aware of our responsibility to our suppliers and the workers. We visit our factories many times a year, have been working with all the producers for several years, and can visit each factory anytime and unannounced. Our technical products are mainly manufactured in Asia, and are extremely demanding and complex to manufacture. They consist of many different materials, and require up to 140 steps to completion. They are therefore manufactured by highly qualified specialists, who bring along a great deal of skill and experience, and are therefore remunerated well above average. We produce small quantities. In combination with the high demands we place on suppliers, this restricts their choice considerably. We choose our production facilities regardless of their location. Our criteria are the technical possibilities, the high quality that we demand, the responsible handling of employees and a fair and environmentally-friendly production.

We are convinced the best way to maintain our high demands on quality and our ethical principles, and thereby create the best working environment, is through a close, long-term relationship combined with regular audits

Our streetwear is manufactured completely in Europe. Here also, we visit the locations several times a year, and maintain a close relationship with suppliers and factories. We monitor the entire production process very closely.

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The term "sustainability" has been heavily overused in recent years. We try to act in a "sustainable" manner in all areas.

We try to develop products that are as durable as possible. This protects the environment and contributes towards preventing mountains of waste. We make many of our products available over several seasons; because we invest a great deal in our products, it doesn’t make ecological sense to develop a proven and beloved product from scratch from scratch every season.

We try to develop products that are as durable as possible. This maybe does not make them the cheapest products on the market, but we are convinced that this is the right way in the long run - both ecologically and economically! Each product, which can be worn by several children, protects the environment and reduces mountains of waste. In addition, we also offer a comprehensive repair service.

In order to reduce the transport path to a minimum, we have set ourselves the goal of producing our products as close as possible to their destination. Our streetwear collection is already completely produced in Europe, and consists mainly of renewable raw materials.

Even after the sale, we continue to support our customers in an advisory capacity, whether in questions about the maintenance or for minor repairs. Personal contact is very important to us, and we are available at any time during office opening times on +41 44 558 37 38 and zur Verfügung.

We also try to be sustainable in the choice of materials, and to use high-quality, durable materials and ingredients. All our suppliers are certified to Oekotex 100.

PFC (fluorocarbons) have long been recognized as a sensitive issue in outdoor products. We are aware of our environmental responsibility, and are working towards the complete avoidance of PFC. We thoroughly test functional PFC-free alternatives in order to gradually convert all our collection. As a good, lasting water repellent function is extremely important - especially in children's clothes - we are currently changing to the more environmentally-friendly "C-6 DWR”. This only contains six carbon atoms, and cannot form PFOA. Part of our technical collection is already completely PFC-free, and we are working intensively to increase this percentage further. The challenge here is finding the right balance between “function” and “ecology”. The decisive factor in this is how far one can dispense with the usual product functionalities for the sake of the environment.

A large proportion of the ecological footprint of a textile product often arises during the usage phase. Above all, product care plays a crucial role. With the right care, the product cycle can be extended, and washing in the right way can make an active contribution to environmental protection.

· Wash the clothes as often as necessary, but as little as possible.
· Re-impregnate functional clothing again when the beading effect wears off - preferably with a fluorocarbon-free impregnation (we recommend Nikwax).
· Keep to the recommended washing temperature: 30 °C is generally sufficient for functional clothing. It is often sufficient to wipe off the stain with a damp cloth.
· Use environmentally-friendly detergents and apply them sparingly.

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We only use 100% certified RDS down (Responsible Down Standard). This standard guarantees that the down and feathers that we use for our jackets is obtained from animals that have been able to live according to their natural behavior, and have not had to suffer from pain, anxiety or stress.

This includes:
· no live plucking
· no force-feeding
· the welfare of the animals must always be guaranteed

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The down can be traced by means of a code on the hangtag. Simply enter the code on and check all the relevant information, such as origin, fill-power, quality and test reports.

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We use only 100% certified mulesing-free merino wool of the finest quality (17.5 microns) for our Merino products.

Wherever possible, we work together with Bluesign partners and materials.

All our suppliers are certified to Oekotex 100.


1% for disadvantaged children

We know that things are not too good for some children, and that many of them do not have the opportunity to go on vacation, so we donate 1% of our turnover to the ZEWO-certified Kovive Children's Fund "Holidays for Children in Need" every year. The Swiss Kovive Children's Fund helps where no one else does: with vacations and relaxation for the most vulnerable people in our society. Further information is available on: