Innox EVO GTX QC NMK hiking boots

CHF 139.90
  • Windproof
  • 100% GORE-TEX
  • LOWA DynaPU® Midsole
  • Child friendly fit
  • Soft rolling motion

At long last, dreams do come true! namuk has joined forces with LOWA to give one of the most beloved and best pairs of kids’ hiking shoes a bold stroke with the namuk brush. <br><br>The Innox EVO GTX QC NMK are now available in namuk colors, including “sparkling” soles in black and white. <br><br>Equipped with the LOWA “Endura Evo Junior” soles and Monowrap® technology, young explorers have the surest footing possible. <br><br>And thanks to the waterproof material mix including GORE-TEX® membrane, detours into unknown terrain needn’t be the exception, but the rule, effective immediately. If MacGyver were a kid today, he would definitely have these shoes.

Sunset Rose / Lilac
Other colors
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