namuk x Giro goggles

All clear with namuk.<br></br>The namuk x Giro ski goggles are the perfect companion for adventure-packed days on the slopes. The ski goggles were created to provide optimal protection and visibility for snow-loving little squirts. The specially designed fit ensures they sit comfortably on children’s noses and cheeks. Soft foam lining in the frame gives additional protection from cold and snow. To make sure absolutely nothing stands in the way of a fun day on the slopes, the namuk x Giro ski goggles are equipped with special anti-fog protection and promise top visibility, even when snow or fog creates dim visibility conditions.<br></br>What will make you love this product even more: These ski goggles are equipped with thermoformed, cylindrical double lenses. Also, ventilation slits let warm air escape, preventing the lenses from fogging up.

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