Dash lightweight ripstop pants

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How often trousers prove to be the weakest link in the clothing chain of an ambitious adventurer. Too thick, too thin, not stretchable, not robust enough - hardly any legwear can withstand the daily stress test. <br><br>Stage clear for our Dash Pants: Made from a blend of cotton and Cordura – a textile fibre up to 15 times stronger than steel – there’s nothing they can’t handle. They combine robustness with maximum freedom of movement and minimum weight. <br><br>Thanks to the incorporated Coolmax fibres, the fabric also has a temperature-regulating effect and helps transport sweat outwards in summer, and anytime when romping and running around. <br><br>These are durable and long-lasting trousers for all occasions. It’s probably best not to tell the children all the trouble they could get into with them.

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