Icon PrimaLoft vest "Galaxy"

CHF 149.00
  • Durable water repellency (DWR) / PFC free
  • Reversible
  • Reflective details

This jaunty vest, which can be so wonderfully combined with all kinds of clothing and easily slipped over a T-shirt, sweater or jacket, has a twin. An opposite number. A best buddy. And that partner is hiding very close by: one shake, and the PrimaLoft vest turns its insides out and reveals its second identity.


When reversed, large pockets are available to collect and store all kinds of things. Turned inside out again, all the treasures disappear from prying eyes. With a small cord and an integrated secret compartment, even the smallest and most valuable objects stay in their place. No matter which side you wear it on: The vest’s soft and recycled Primaloft insulation keeps the body comfortably warm, while the reflective threads, woven in 360° throughout the vest, ensure visibility from every side. Here, less is more means: two vests in one.

True Navy/Bluebalu
Other colors
  • Chin guard

    We not only build in zipper protection on the outside, but also the inside. Little chins getting rubbed raw are now finally a thing of the past.

  • PFC-free, durable, water-repellent DWR coat

    Many water-resistant coatings on outdoor clothing, especially fluorocarbon (PFC), are problematic because of their harmful effects on the environment. We love nature and are aware of our responsibility to it, which is why we do not use such coatings on our products.

  • Garbage pocket

    There’s always something left over, whether it’s the last bits of a snack or just a paper bag. We integrated a special garbage pocket for just these things. Once at home, the pocket can be turned inside out to empty it, then washed.

  • Hidden pacifier and key holder

    Hunting for pacifiers has got to be one of parents’ least favorite hobbies. Now you can do it less often: Thanks to the integrated pacifier holder, your child’s binky will now be in reach all day long – and your little explorers (and you) will be a lot more relaxed.

  • Reversible

    This product is reversible and can be worn on both sides. That way, stains can be made to disappear quickly. And kids get one jacket with two different looks to choose from – whichever their hearts desire.

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