Statement gloves

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  • Completely waterproof
  • Durable water repellency (DWR)
  • Heat-retaining insulation
  • Highly breathable
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Wind resistant

There’s nothing worse in winter than cold hands. <br>Our gloves will make sure little snow bunnies never have cold hands again! <br><br>These gloves are waterproof, and wonderfully warm thanks to PrimaLoft® Active Gold lining. They’re optimally shaped so that children’s hands can move perfectly and not freeze. <br><br>The palm is manufactured from soft, robust, non-slip material and the silicon print guarantees even more grip, so sleds, ski poles and hockey sticks won’t slip from kids’ fingers even in the nippiest cold. The gloves are designed to match with our jackets and pants — because if kids like the gloves, they’ll actually wear them (so says our experience as parents). <br><br>No one wants to lose a glove they treasure so much: That’s why we’ve attached a ribbon to the wrist to protect the gloves from getting lost, forgotten, or misplaced. <br><br>You’ll be won over, too, by the technical features: The gloves are waterproof, with a 15’000 mm rating; and keep hands warm, thanks to PrimaLoft® Eco lining made with 80% recycled material.

Ultra Blue
Other colors
  • Waterproof to 15,000mm water gage

    These membranes withstand water pressure equivalent to a depth of 15 meters and don’t let water penetrate even after hours of playing in the rain. Such high technical standards in children’s clothing are not a given, though it’s just when digging, horsing around and running that kids be protected from getting wet. That’s why we test our material intensively, so kids can stay dry and keep playing, no matter what the weather.

  • 10,000 g/m2/24 h breathability

    A membrane is what regulates the climate inside an item of clothing. It must keep out all water, but still actively transport sweat toward the outside. So breathability plays a big part in the comfort of the clothes: After all, no one wants to wear a plastic bag, even if it is waterproof. Our membranes provide superior performance in both respects: Thanks to their high waterproof rating, they withstand even the most adverse weather conditions, and because of their breathability, kids don’t sweat too much - even when building big igloos.

  • Durable water repellency

    All of our technical materials are treated with a DWR coating (durable water repellency). It’s not only water repellent, but also dirt resistant. Many such coatings in outdoor clothing are problematic, however, because of their consequences for the environment. Fluorobarbon (PFC) especially has come under fire. We love nature and are aware of our responsibility to protect it, so we refrain from using C-8 coatings. We work as hard as we can on PFC-free alternatives so we can gradually shift the entire collection. The challenge is finding the right balance between function and ecological sustainability. We are switching over most of our technical products to a more environmentally friendly C-6 DWR, because good, lasting water-repellent function is extremely important for children’s clothing. Most of our products already have a PFOA/PFOS-free DWR, and a part of the collection is already completely free of PFC. We are doing everything in our power to further increase this number.

  • PrimaLoft® Eco insulation

    The vegan inuslation material PrimaLoft® Eco is light as a feather, water repellent, keeps kids warm – and is environmentally friendly, too! It’s made of a mixture of recycled materials and PrimaLoft® virgin fibers, which combine to create a breathable, extremely efficient layer of thermal insulation. Depending on the product, the proportion of recycled material is between 60% and 100%. And because the material is so amazingly soft, it guarantees an all-around snuggly feeling – almost like a favorite Teddy bear.

  • Pre-shaped

    Our anatomically pre-shaped products help maintain as much freedom of movement as possible, even when children have to be packed up nice and warm.

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