Diem merino beanie

CHF 39.00
  • Merino wool

One for all<br><br> Have you ever seen Merino sheep? These animals, unshorn, appear perversely plump. But that’s not fat hanging off them in thick rolls down to the ground, but kilos of wool. And buried beneath it, they live chipper and cheery in hot climate zones like Australia. <br>That’s because of the magical ability of their wool to cool or warm bodies as needed, and we put said magical powers to good use for our beanie. <br><br>It’s thin enough to wear under a helmet when skiing or to carry off a cool look in summer. It’s both striped and solid-colored because it’s reversible, and it cools and warms and is antibacterial because: Merino magic. <br>Needless to say, we source it from mulesing-free farms where these amazing animals are shown the respect they deserve.

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